32 Latest Instagram Statistics, Facts, And Trends
32 Latest Instagram Statistics, Facts, And Trends
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If you have the budget to spend a bit on an Instagram analytics tool, here’s a list of the paid, specialized tools, which have several more powerful features. So, if 93 people viewed the first post and 59 made it to the end, your Story’s completion rate would be 63%. For Instagram Stories, completion rate is a useful metric if you want to see what percentage of people watched the entire story. Instagram provides a wide range of metrics that help you measure your performance, understand your audience, and improve the results of your Instagram marketing.



Rate metrics give you a percentage figure to help you understand a particular metric relative to another metric. For example, interaction rate is the percentage of your followers that have interacted with your post, story, or IGTV. Read more about buy instagram likes here. Add up the total Live comments and shares, then compare that to either your follower count or the number of accounts that Live stream reached. If you don’t track growth over time, your follower count is pretty much just a vanity metric.



Instagram Insights are some of the easiest statistics to understand, because all of the numbers include a short explanation of exactly what they mean. So even if you’ve never looked into your performance stats before, you’ll be able to improve your results right away. Instagram video editor to create engaging reels within a matter of minutes. Templates, easy-to-use features, and a comprehensive stock assets library to help you create compelling videos in minutes. There you have it, that’s it for my Instagram user base statistics.



It works best when you need deep audience insight to build buzz around your latest launch. Then you can pull these follower lists into an Excel or PDF document for easy sharing with your team. SocialRankprovides detailed audiencemetrics for both Instagram and Twitter.



Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to share photos and videos to their ‘Story’, rather than their feed. Followers can then view these Stories for 24 hours by clicking the creators’ profile picture at the top of the app. According to the report, this is a recent trend, and videos posted onto creators’ permanent feed used to perform better. Instagram is a platform focused on visual content, so it’s not surprising that photo-based ads are still the best performing. Whether you’re posting to your regular feed, or as a story, you can’t go wrong with a photo-based ad. The United States has 120 million users, making it the most popular country for the number of active accounts on the app.



According to research from Hootsuite, the average business posts 1.56 times every day. According to Smartly.io, 29% of marketers prioritize their advertising spend on Instagram. Instagram has so many different channels to use that it’s perfect for a marketer’s content strategy.



80% also said they use Instagram to decide if they should make a purchase. Influencer marketing has been gaining momentum for several years, but it really hit its stride back in 2019. That year, the number of marketers working with influencers on Instagram grew by nearly 50%.



Posts with tagged locations also have received 79% more interaction. Have a look at more Instagram stats to understand the engagement dynamics of the platform. Facebook users spend 38 minutes on the site or app on average, compared to Instagram’s 30 minutes. That’s a lot of money, though it’s still a drop in the bucket when compared to total marketing budgets. If businesses couldn’t make this method of marketing pay, then they wouldn’t use it. With the advent of Instagram’s shopping feature, advertising has a more direct line to consumers, making it a lucrative platform to utilize.



Born in Cyprus, Michael has lived in Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Michael Patsalos-Fox joined Cognizant’s Board of Directors in July 2012 and was elected Chairman of the Board in September 2018. She a deep passion for ensuring her customers are wildly successful. She is a strategic and innovative executive with a strong focus on operational excellence and customer success. NetBase Quid® delivers AI-powered consumer and market intelligence to enable business reinvention in a noisy and unpredictable world. Teenagers – 76% use Instagram; that’s slightly s more than Facebook (66%), Snapchat (75%) and Twitter (47%).



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